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frederick avenue in gaithersburg
gaithersburg, maryland

These photographs essentially mark the spot where Gaithersburg began. In the mid 1750s Henry B. Brookes amassed a large plantation of more than 1,000 acres. His son-in-law Benjamin Gaither settled on his wife’s dower property near the intersection of present-day Diamond and Frederick Avenues before 1800. Gaither started a blacksmith shop, store, and tavern to serve travelers and locals. His crossroads enterprise became known as Gaithersburg. "COMMENTS"



benjamin gaither and gloyd house
telephone company

The Gloyd house was a large Victorian home built onto the original Benjamin Gaither house. Note Gaither's old fieldstone chimney on the left side of the Gloyd home. During the Civil War, as Union and Confederate forces passed through Gaithersburg, the Gloyd home was used as a hospital for the wounded. By the late 1950s increasing commercial development made the property less desirable as a residence, and the home was sold to the telephone company. The house was demolished in 1958. "COMMENTS"



carson ward's store
mattress discounters in gaithersburg

Carson Ward opened his general store at 101 North Frederick Avenue around 1890. The building served as Town Hall in 1912 and the second story was even used as a public library. Although this building has been extensively rebuilt by its owner, Mattress Discounters, care was taken to preserve the appearance of the building. The photo on the left was taken in 1919. "COMMENTS"



carson ward home
mattress discounters on frederick avenue

Behind Carson Ward's store was his home, at 6 Brookes Avenue. The home was demolished in 1985 to make way for a parking lot. An addition to the Ward Store structure (Mattress Discounters) was later constructed on the parking lot. "COMMENTS"




safeway reber's ward esso
grace church brookes avenue

This old photo of Frederick and Brookes Avenues was snapped by E. Russell Gloyd on February 19, 1956. During this time, Bill Reber operated a store and soda fountain in the original Ward Store building. Also pictured here is Ward's Service Station and the Safeway, which moved a half mile north on 355 not long after the old photograph was taken. "COMMENTS"

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