Gaithersburg Then and Now
Aerial photographs of Gaithersburg

Photographs taken by E. Russell Gloyd


old aerial photograph of the Washingtonian Golf Course, Belward Farm, Nike Missile Site on Darnestown and Muddy Branch Roads

Washingtonian Golf Course / Nike Missile Site / Muddy Branch Road / Belward Farm - 1973


old aerial photograph of Quince Orchard Road and the Kentlands

Kentlands Entrance off old Quince Orchard Road - 1973


old aerial photograph of Darnestown Road and the Kentlands

Kentlands Entrance off Darnestown Road - 1973


historic aerial photograph of Quince Orchard, Maryland and Potomac Valley Shopping Center

The Orchards / Potomac Valley Shopping Center / Quince Orchard & Darnestown Intersection - 1972


historic aerial photograph of Herman Rabbitt's farm in Gaithersburg

Herman Rabbit Farm / Firstfield Road / Quince Orchard Blvd. / NIST - 1973


1964 aerial photograph of the National Bureau of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg

National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) - 1964


old aerial photograph of Crown Farm and Washingtonian Tower and Golf Course in 1972

Crown Farm / Washingtonian Tower, Motel & Golf Course / I-70 (now 270) - 1972


old aerial photograph of Summit Hall in Gaithersburg

Summit Hall Turf Farm - date unknown


Old aerial photograph of Gaithersburg Square Shopping Center on North Frederick Avenue

North Frederick Avenue / Gaithersburg Square Shopping Center - 1972


Aerial photograph of Frederick Avenue in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Frederick Avenue - 1972


Old aerial photograph of Gaithersburg Lumber on South Frederick Avenue in Gaithersburg

South Frederick Avenue / Gaithersburg Lumber - mid 1970's